Services for Documented American Nationals for The United States of America-Terms and Conditions

The following information informs the American National of the cost associated with concluding the process;

Where it reads “Vendor currency“, this means USD; and

Where it reads “Continental Dollars“, it means Continental Dollars;

  • CLICK HERE! for declaration of value for the Continental Dollar;

There are many people that work tirelessly to make sure your person is delivered back to the States of the Union within The United States of America and that proper evidence and credentials are provided to insure your Nationality Claim is processed correctly;

Therefore, in order to help those people that are helping you, “Services for Documented American Nationals” has been created by the National assembly in order to cover vendor costs and compensate for time away from their families while doing this part time. The following is an itemized list of what to expect as far as costs for this naturalization process;

Further, there are small businesses doing business within The United States of America that can further assist you with more information and services to help in this transition process;

Terms and Conditions to continue to order services:

There have been a few claimants who began the Naturalization process and unfortunately QUIT the process because the time they had to wait for their service, did not MEET their OWN time constraints and/or EXPECTATIONS. It is not a good idea to request a REFUND while you are in the PROCESS of Naturalization to ANY country, specifically The United States of America. As mentioned above, many people work tirelessly to make sure your person is delivered back to the States of the Union within The United States of America. SLAVERY is a Human Rights Violation which is what happens when the work is begun, the applicant quits the process, and people worked for NOTHING;

THEREFORE, in the event that the claimant decides to quit the process and request a refund, the following SHALL apply:

  1. Refunds are subject to a 25% Refund Service Fee, no exceptions;
  2. Services that have been completed PRIOR to the refund request will not be eligible for a refund;
  3. Claimants who do not provide the requested information to complete delivery of a service within thirty (30) days of the initial request, will be issued a refund, minus a 25% Refund Service Fee;
  4. Claimants who received a refund for failure to provide requested information to complete delivery of their service within the time required,  will have to pay the full Delivery Service fee again, if the claimant desires to re-apply;
  5. False claims via PayPal or any other source will be cause for the claimant’s person to be deported;
  6. Consideration for re-entry within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America shall be brought before the General Post Master Council by the claimant for review of their case and final determination;

By continuing to order services and making payment, the claimant Accepts and Acknowledges that the claimant read and agreed to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions